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Abduction then murder, this is what government-backed militias do across Iraq (Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq - AMSI) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014 -In the name of alleged democracy sponsored by the U.S.; abduction then torture and eventually murder on sectarian basis, this is what the government-backed militias are wreaking havoc openly in Baghdad and other parts of the country with blessing by the Iran-friendly clerics who issued a fatwa earlier to authorize formation of a militia of the so-called the "Sectarian Build-up" and other Shiite death squads that work under the religious cover, which are consist of guided terrorist groups, who were trained, armed and overrun by the Iranian Regime in Tehran. A recent evidence about what is happening in Iraq when those militias have kidnapped and tortured then killed a Sunni scholar south of Baghdad, in another sign of the ugly role assumed by those bloody militias with the participation of the current government....

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Despite ceasefire, the number of displaced in Gaza is rising again (Ali Abunimah) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014- The number of displaced Palestinians in Gaza is rising again despite the fact that the 26 August ceasefire agreement between Israel and the Palestinian resistance is holding. Meanwhile, the scale of the destruction to Gaza’s infrastructure and economy caused by 51 days of Israeli bombing is becoming starker. The death toll stands at 2,168 people, of whom 521 are children, according to Al Mezan Center for Human Rights which carefully verifies deaths.And despite the ceasefire, Palestinians continue to die. Mariam Abu Amra, 23, was the latest to succumb in a Jerusalem hospital today from wounds she sustained during the Israeli attack in Deir al-Balah in Gaza, Ma’an News Agency reported....

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Illinois chancellor says she should have “consulted with more people” before firing Palestinian scholar (Ali Abunimah) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014 - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) Chancellor Phyllis Wise has said she regrets she did not consult with more people before taking her decision to fire Palestinian American scholar Steven Salaita. "I, in hindsight, wish I had been a little bit more deliberate and had consulted with more people before I made that decision," she said.Wise made the comments in an appearance before the student senate on Wednesday, indicating that she and other administrators are feeling the pressure of the outpouring of protests, boycotts and faculty votes of no confidence over the decision (video above and transcript below)....

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On Israel’s Insanity Defense and the World’s Shared Delusion (Samah Jabr) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014 - Once the surveillance cameras of Palestinian shopkeepers in East Jerusalem's Shuafat neighborhood revealed the images of the Israeli abductors of Muhammed Abu Khdeir, the fabricated Israeli propaganda that the 16-year-old Palestinian boy had been gay and the victim of an honor killing perpetrated by his own people became completely unsustainable. Soon after, hoping to contain the resulting clashes that erupted in Shuafat and extended to many nearby neighborhoods, Israeli police announced that they had captured six suspects involved in the crime. Just days later, however, it was announced that three of them already had been freed. The others were described as two minors and a mentally unstable adult with a dominating personality who is on psychiatric medication, according to Yediot Ahronot...

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'Victory' in Gaza is illusory (Ibrahim Hewitt) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014 -How much longer is the farce of the Palestinian Authority going to continue? I ask because it has been obvious over the past few months that the PA, under President Mahmoud Abbas, is there more for Israel's benefit than that of the people it is meant to serve, the Palestinians. In such circumstances, any claim of "victory" by the resistance groups in Gaza is illusory. So-called "security cooperation" with the Israeli occupation forces makes the PA's own 70,000-strong security agencies collaborators in the eyes of many Palestinians. Has anyone ever seen any PA security forces coming to the aid of Palestinian protesters against Israel's Apartheid Wall at the weekly demonstrations across the occupied West Bank? ...

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Jerusalem Archbishop: Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa targets Muslims and Christians (Middle East Monitor) - 30-sep-2014

September 4, 2014 -Archbishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Atallah Hanna said on Tuesday that the Israeli aggression on Al-Aqsa Mosque is an aggression on both Muslims and Christians, Jordanian newspaper Addustour reported. In a recorded speech broadcast during a celebration in Jordan entitled "Resistance is the way to liberate land and return" organised to celebrate Gaza's "victory", Atallah said: "It was planned that I be with you here, but the Israeli occupation prevented me." He added: "Targeting the Gaza Strip means targeting Jerusalem and all the Palestinian lands." He hailed the Palestinian unity and called for more harmony among Palestinians in order to be able to face the occupation's policies which are aimed at Judaising Jerusalem and erasing the Palestinian identity...

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Syria News - September 3, 2014 (Local Coordination Committees of Syria) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014- By the end of Wednesday, LCC was able to document 65 martyrs including 6 women, 15 children and 4 martyrs under torture : 16 martyrs were reported in Deir Ezzor; 12 in Idlib; 11 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 11 in Daraa; 6 in Swaida; 4 in Aleppo; 3 in Hama; and 2 in Homs...

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Israeli Prison Service Denies Palestinian Security Prisoners TV Access to National Geographic (Richard Silverstein) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - Some actions of the Israeli security state are profoundly disturbing and some are just plain stupid. This is in the latter category. The Prison Service has forbidden (Hebrew) Palestinian security prisoners from accessing the National Geographic cable channel. What’s so dangerous about lions, tigers, bears and other animal critters featured on the nature/travel channel? Apparently, National Geographic also features the show, Breakout, which recounts the most dramatic prison breaks in history and describes how the prisoners escaped and how law enforcement recaptured them. Israel apparently believes their charges will get big ideas and act on them. Maybe they’ll ride out of prison on the back of an African hippo…..

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First US drone strike in seven months hits Somalia (Joseph Cox and Jack Serle) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - A US drone strike hit Somalia, the first in seven months, in an attack aimed at killing al Shabaab leader, Ahmed Abdi Godane .The attack killed "six al Shabaab officers" but it is not clear if Godane was among them, said Abdullahi Abukar, executive director of the Somali Human Rights Association (SOHRA). Sohra monitors human rights abuses and records casualties from the ongoing conflict in Lower Shabelle, where the strike hit. It destroyed an encampment and at least one vehicle in an area heavily under al Shabaab control. A Pentagon spokesman confirmed it was a US military operation, telling reporters: "actionable intelligence led us to that site where we believe [Godane] was" and "we certainly believe that we hit what we were aiming at". However he would not confirm who, if anyone, had been killed...

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Gazans reject Israel's calls to disarm (Rasha Abou Jalal) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - Palestinians believe it's necessary that the Palestinian resistance remains armed as long as the Israeli occupation persists in the Palestinian territories. They are convinced that the resistance's disarmament will lead to further losses of their rights.Cease-fire talks between the resistance in the Gaza Strip and Israel, under the auspices of Egypt, collapsed multiple times before both parties reached an agreement on Aug. 26. A Palestinian source familiar with these talks told Al-Monitor that they had repeatedly failed because of "Israel's insistence on disarming Gaza."...

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Welcome to Gaza, a land left in ruins (By John Lyons) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 -STANDING on a pile of rubble in front of their bombed home, two children in Gaza argue about whether they support Hamas or Fatah.Asra Azzaza, 11, and her cousin Hamada Azzaza, 13, support rival Palestinian factions. Asra declares she supports Hamas, which now controls Gaza, "because they give my family food coupons".But Hamada disagrees. "I support Fatah because when they were in charge I could go to school, we could travel to sea and we could go to Jerusalem," he says.Due to the number of classrooms damaged, the school year — due to start this week — has been postponed indefinitely.Since Hamas came to power in 2007 Israel has imposed a blockade on Gaza under which fishermen are restricted to areas close to shore and any travel outside Gaza is virtually impossible...

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Haunted by war, Gaza residents try to rebuild (Asmaa al-Ghoul) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - The war in Gaza is over, but the approximately 10,000 residents of Khuza’a do not yet believe it. The sound of reconnaissance aircraft flying nearby continues to make them think of death. Mohammed al-Najjar, 23, standing near the rubble that used to be his home, said, "The war will be resumed, we know it. Can’t you hear the sound of drones? It is not enough for them that they left us with destroyed homes and painful memories. They want to maintain the threat."Mohammed is not the only one who feels insecure. These days, insecurity is a shared feeling for all the residents of this town who preferred to return to their destroyed homes rather than stay in refugee school shelters....

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How Washington helped create Israel's secret nuclear arsenal (Philip Giraldi) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - Recently declassified documents reveal that consideration of how and when the White House can or should pressure Israel over policies damaging to the United States has been a contentious issue for quite some time. The 107 pages of formerly top secret memos, dating from 1968-9, relate to deliberations over what to do about the Israeli nuclear weapons programme. Prior to that time, the US position had been clear, supporting the principle that nuclear weapons should not be introduced into the Middle East....

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Unity government at crossroads as Fatah and Hamas bicker (Adnan Abu Amer) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - As soon as the latest war with Israel ended on Aug. 26, a new confrontation, although an unarmed one, erupted between Fatah and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. A state of tension has started to prevail in the Palestinian arena between Hamas and Fatah over the Palestinian response during the Israeli aggression in Gaza. On Aug. 29, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas shocked local circles by blaming Hamas for the prolonged Israeli war on Gaza, since they had insisted on discussing the demands before the cease-fire and said that the Palestinian people were not willing to undergo a massacre every two years....

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Settler group demands segregated bus lines out of fear for security (Philip Weiss) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2104 - Tomorrow there will be a demonstration by Jewish settlers demanding segregation of bus lines in the occupied West Bank. The settlers express racist fears of Palestinians. Their flyer portrays integrated buses as a suicide bomb waiting to happen. The Facebook page is here, in Hebrew, posted by the "community organisation for the 'Shomron/Samaria Settlers.'" They publicize the video below, which purports to show a Jewish woman (she’s the only one in Technicolor, the Palestinians are in black and white) getting off a bus filled with "Arabs."...

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Cop Finally Convicted in Killing (By: Peter Van Buren) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - This is not satire, and a cop did get convicted for a killing. Only it is not what you think, and it shows the reality of how we value life, and the law, now in America.A Boulder, Colorado police officer convicted of killing a beloved, semi-tame bull elk in an upscale residential neighborhood was sentenced for the death. The officer, Sam Carter, 37, was on duty when he killed the elk, known as Big Boy, while it grazed under a tree. He did not report firing his weapon to the police department, and then said the animal had been injured before he arrived on the scene and needed to be put down. Prosecutors said text messages between Carter and another police officer showed that the shooting was planned. The elk was a fixture in the neighborhood, and its killing inspired marches, vigils, a tribute song and plans for a memorial...

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Taliban statement
Statement of Islamic Emirate on the recent NATO summit in Britain
(Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 -The upcoming NATO summit is planned for the fourth of September 2014, to be held in Wales, United Kingdom. It is expected that leaders from nearly 60 countries and up to 200 high officials will attend this summit.It is expected that in addition to the crisis in Ukraine and other European matters the summit leaders will also be discussing the future of Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate therefore considers it opportune to bring to the summit participants’ attention the following matters: 1.The only successful solution to ending the crisis in Afghanistan is the end of foreign military occupation. This is a glaring reality that is clear to all. It is also demanded by the oppressed nation of Afghanistan. Moreover this right to call for a withdrawal of foreign occupation is a natural and legitimate right of the Afghan people. All people are born free and have the right to live their lives free from the yoke of another...

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Non-Shiites in Baghdad Report Rise in Kidnappings, Killings by Militias (By Omar Ali) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - With Shiite militias revived to counter the Islamic State (IS/ISIS) militants in Iraq, Sunnis, Christians and Kurds report a growing trend in blackmail, and kidnappings for ransom. Although abductions have been a part of daily life in Baghdad for many years, victims or their relatives say they suspect the militias are now involved because non-Shiites are not only ordered to pay, they are ordered to leave."An anonymous person contacted me by phone at my job, demanding that I pay $30,000, evacuate my house and quit my job. Otherwise, I would die," said a Christian resident of Baghdad who works at a government job. Speaking on condition of anonymity, he said that his identity, whereabouts and job were well known to the caller. The victim was given only a few hours to inform his family and empty his home in the al-Ghadeer district. He later left for Jordan...

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Israel, Gaza and False Balance
Media construct a symmetry of violence where none exists
(By Peter Hart) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - Striving for a deceptive "balance," US media miscast the devastating violence of Israel’s attacks on Gaza and obscured the lopsided nature of the death toll. This started with the timeline preferred in much of the press. By most media accounts, the conflict started when three Israeli teenagers were kidnapped on June 12; their bodies were discovered on June 30. The Israeli government immediately declared Hamas responsible. Days after the discovery of the victims’ bodies, a Palestinian teenager was abducted and murdered by Israeli extremists, in what was called a "revenge" attack. Hamas rockets started falling in Israel, and "Operation Protective Edge" was Israel’s response...

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Iran's Military Mastermind Was Reportedly Present During Iraq's Biggest Victory So Far Against ISIS (Armin Rosen) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - The fight over Amerli in eastern Iraq has been one of the most important battles against ISIS, and a coalition of unlikely partners successfully defended the strategically located town. The response to ISIS's push against the town was likely formulated by Qassem Suleimani, the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps' Qods Force and probably the Middle East's most effective operative. Suleimani leads the Guards' operations outside of Iran's borders, and has raked in a number of major strategic victories over the years. He was also reportedly on the ground in Amerli ....

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Another war in the name of humanitarianism: we don’t fight men, we fight monsters (Jeff Sparrow) - 30-sep-2014

September 3, 2013 - Iraq in 2014 will be "nothing like" the 2003 intervention, says Tony Abbott. "They are two very different situations," he explained. "What’s happening now is a humanitarian involvement." Which, of course, was precisely what Blair argued – and look how that worked out. The necessity of the "not like last time" trope stems from the almost universally disastrous record of recent humanitarian missions. Libya (remember that?) offers a particularly vivid example, since, back in 2011, the mission there was widely described, in David Owen’s words, as "the prototype for a new kind of intervention." So, after all that humanitarianism, how’s Libya travelling? Just this week we learned that the Libyan authorities had lost control of most government buildings in Tripoli – they’re now operated by rival Islamist gangs. Since the intervention, Libya has had had five or six governments (depending on how you count them). The conflict is no longer a civil war but "is now being fought regionally, with parallels to other battles playing out in North Africa and the Middle East"...

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Kerry calls Netanyahu to protest Israeli appropriation of West Bank land (By Barak Ravid) - 29-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 -U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry early on Wednesday spoke with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and sharply protested the decision to appropriate 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres) of land belonging to Palestinian villages in Gush Etzion and declare them state lands. Peace Now, which monitors settlements, said this was the largest seizure of West Bank land in 30 years. The United States expressed anger on Tuesday at the decision by the Israeli government to appropriate the land. Since the decision was announced on Sunday, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro has conducted several conversations with senior Israeli officials to express the administration’s displeasure. A senior U.S. official said Washington is also angry that "Israel didn’t update us in advance and surprised us with this decision."...

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Palestinian American activist asks judge to drop charges based on “illegal” US investigation (Ali Abunimah) - 29-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - The trial of Rasmea Yousef Odeh will begin on 4 November, the new federal judge on the case decided in Detroit yesterday. But Odeh, a Palestinian American community leader in Chicago, hopes that the judge will dismiss the charges against her when he rules on key defense motions in coming weeks. Yesterday’s appearance in Detroit was the first before US District Judge Gershwin A. Drain. Drain was assigned to the case after the original judge, Paul D. Borman, a lifelong activist and fundraiser for Zionist causes, recused himself in August citing his family’s ties to an Israeli business mentioned in the case....

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Love in the time of Gaza: The story of Mohamed Al-Deif and his late wife Widad Asfoura (Hadeel Attallah) - 29-sep-2014

September 3, 2014 - This letter was written through the eyes of Widad Asfoura to her husband Mohamed Al-Deif, a Qassam Brigades commander. Widad and their infant son Ali were killed in an Israeli attack aimed at assassinating her husband during the latest war on Gaza. The words are in fact written by Hadeel Attallah as told by Widad's mother, Um Ibrahim, and her sister Eman Asfoura. "To my soul mate and the apple of my eye, to the "man of the nation" whose left ring-finger is home to my ring. To "Deif", I treasured every time we met, and with you I lived a life of joy after years of tears. It is the first time in history that a love story is told on the day one of its characters dies, and fortunately for me, I am the woman who has passed away in order for her man to live on and continue to lead his army and build his military arsenal. "...

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