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Complicity in Ethnic Cleansing (Ron Forthofer) - 01-aug-2014

July 21, 2014 -Israelís current attack on a basically defenseless population in Gaza is a repeat of its massacres of Palestinians in November 2012, December 2008-January 2009 and June-July 2006. This time Israeli forces have already slaughtered over 500 Palestinians, overwhelmingly civilians, while about 20 Israelis, almost all soldiers, have been killed. The imbalance of these death tolls is staggering but not surprising. I say not surprising because Israel has one of the strongest militaries in the world, supplied with the latest US weapons and technology, whereas Palestinians have no real army nor any defense against Israeli plane or missile attacks....

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Hezbollah has taken my son from me (Nadine Elali) - 01-aug-2014

July 21, 2014 - "Iím happy," said Mohamad Dekkou, as he wiped his tears, "my son is a martyr; he died an honorable death defending his town - when no one else did."It was NOWís fourth encounter with Dekkou, who for the past 10 months has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the situation in his hometown Tfeil; a Lebanese village besieged in Syrian territory. This time, however, his story was one of loss and disappointment. The long and porous border region between Lebanon and Syria is comprised largely of Sunni Muslim towns, Tfeil among them, and residents there sympathize with the Sunni-led uprising against Syrian President Bashar al-Assadís regime.The influx of Syrian refugees into Tfeil increased in the wake of battles in Syriaís Qalamoun region. According to residents, an estimated 10,000 refugees are living among them with no shelter, food, or aid...

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Four Little Boys and the Price of Play in Gaza (Dave Zirin) - 31-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - When the Palestinian national soccer team secured entry into the 2015 Asia Cup, winning the right to play in an international tournament for the first time in its eighty-six-year history, crowds gathered by the hundreds to dance, play music and watch the triumph of their national team on large movie-sized television screens on the beaches on Gaza. The oceanfront represents the illusion of freedom for a land otherwise encircled by walls and checkpoints. People often gather on the beach to celebrate because it is a refuge from densely populated squalor that defines so much of an area that they have been compelled to call home. This is especially the case for children....

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Former Iraqi vice-president: Maliki is bombing Baghdad (BasNews, Turkey) - 31-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 -According to exiled former vice-president Tariq Hashemi, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki plans to carry out car bombings in Baghdad as punishment for the lack of support for his third term.Following the explosion of a car on Saturday in Baghdad, Hashemi wrote on his Facebook page, and accused Iraqi premier of punishing Iraqis for not backing him in his term in power. "I donít know exactly the number of cars that Maliki will use to carry out an attack, but they will be as punishment for not being supported to run for the third term."..

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Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution - Bulletin no. 253 - Sunday 20th July, 2014 (by Iraqi Spring Media Center) - 31-jul-2014

July 22, 2014 Baghdad: Maliki's army and Asa'ib militia attacked Albu Khalifah and Halabsah in Taji ,north of Baghdad, from three sides Ė the first one is from Salah-il-deen to Balad through Haswah firms, second one is through Tarmiyah to Abaichi and third one is through Mishahdah store-but the revolutionaries resisted them causing huge losses to the army ,the battles lasting 9 hours resulted in killing of 73 elements of army and militias ,wounding of dozens ,destroying of 14 hummer and 9 large -vehicles which were carrying militias Ė and seizing of weapons...

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Israel-Gaza conflict: The myth of Hamasís human shields (Kim Sengupta) - 31-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - What used to be a three-storey house had been turned into debris sunk into a deep crater with twisted steel rods jutting out. Twenty-six people were killed in the mostly deadly air-strike so far in this bloody conflict. Twenty-four of them were from one family, the Abu Jamaa. Around the same time that attack was taking place on Sunday evening, Benjamin Netanyahu was charging Hamas on TV with using "human shields" to gather "telegenically dead Palestinians for their cause". It has long been the Israeli case that the militants cynically and deliberately carry out attacks and store weapons in residential areas and have also stopped people living there from evacuating homes when fighting breaks out...

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Editorial Position of the New York Times: Thumbs Up for Gaza Slaughter (Norman Solomon and Abba Solomon) - 31-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 -Under the headline "Israelís War in Gaza," the most powerful newspaper in the United States editorialized that such carnage is necessary. The lead editorial in the July 19 edition flashed a bright green light Ė reassuring the U.S. and Israeli governments that the horrors being inflicted in Gaza were not too horrible.From its first words, the editorial methodically set out to justify what Israel was doing."After 10 days of aerial bombardment," the editorial began, "Israel sent tanks and ground troops into Gaza to keep Hamas from pummeling Israeli cities with rockets and carrying out terrorist attacks via underground tunnels." The choice of when to date the start of the crisis was part of the methodical detour around inconvenient facts...

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Edward Snowden Is the Most Dangerous Man in America. Good. (By: Peter Van Buren) - 31-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - Oh yes, yes, Edward Snowden is clearly the most dangerous man in America. Speaking via video link (he uses Skype!) from Russia to the HopeX hackersí conference in New York City July 19, Edward Snowden issued a call to arms to those present. Engineers, he said, "need to think now in adversarial terms to defeat government technical capabilities." While the government now uses technology to shield themselves from accountability, software and hardware must "become a way to express our freedoms while protecting our freedoms." Snowden went on to make a number of important points regarding the new relationship technology has created between the government and the people. Ė Technology now makes it possible to publish information without the governmentís ability to stop it. While the photocopier was the "killer app" of Daniel Ellsbergís day, Wikileaks and Snowdenís own revelations show the empowerment potential of technology. Snowden reminded the audience that when the government fears its people (as opposed to the inverse), that is democracy....

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In a hospital. At the beach. Hamas, Israel tells us, is hiding among civilians (Richard Seymour) - 30-jul-2014

They hid at the El-Wafa hospital. They hid at the Al-Aqsa hospital.
They hid at the beach, where children played football. They hid at the yard of 75-year-old Muhammad Hamad. They hid among the residential quarters of Shujaya. They hid in the home of the Qassan family. They hid in the home of the poet, Othman Hussein. They hid in a cafe, where Gazans were watching the World Cup.They hid themselves in a young woman in pink household slippers, sprawled on the pavement, taken down while fleeing.They hid themselves in two brothers, eight and four, lying in the intensive burn care unit in Al-Shifa. They hid themselves in the little boy whose parts were carried away by his father in a plastic shopping bag....

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Gazaís Shejaiya Carnage Fills Shifa Morgue (By Mohammed Omer) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 -"No, itís not him" says the brother of Mohammed Al Mobayed, as he moves on to the next body searching for his brother. Half of the family is at reception, and the other half at the morgue.The ambulance arrives, asking crowds to clear the road so as to pass through and offload the casualties and dead. As ambulance doors open, people run forward looking for their missing relatives."No, thatís not him, dad" one of the brothers screams to his older father as the ambulance arrives. A shout comes over the air to all Al Mobayed family, "Here is Mohammed". The whole family runs to him, thinking he is alive....

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Video: Night raid in Bethlehemís Aida Refugee Camp (Adam Horowitz) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - The news is rightfully focused on Gaza right now, but that doesnít mean life is quiet in the West Bank. The video above was shot by Kelly Lynn last night in Bethlehemís Aida Refugee Camp. Hereís the description: Israeli Defense Forces raid Bethlehemís Aida Refugee Camp early in the morning on July 21st, 2014. Soldiers arrested 3 young men and assaulted several others. They confiscated footage from that nightís clashes in Bethlehem from journalist Mohammed Al Azza, briefly detained him and assaulted him and his two younger brothers. A father in the camp attempts twice to visit his brotherís home being raided by soldiers in an effort to see his son, and is denied violently by IDF. ...

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ĎWe have nothing left to lose. I would rather die with my family under the rubble of our house than have a humiliating truceí: Palestinian youth demand justice (Pam Bailey) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - I awoke Sunday morning to news of a massacre in Gaza that evoked memories of Sabra and Shatila Ė not in terms of absolute numbers, but in the nature of its brutality. An estimated 60 Palestinians had been killed, more than 300 injured and hundreds more forced to flee their homes as Israeli troops and tanks barreled into Shejaiya, a neighborhood in eastern Gaza City. Spokesman for the Palestinian Ministry of Health Ashraf al-Qidra reported that Israeli forces had denied ambulances access to the houses under siege, saying that the area was a "closed military zone." And yet. amidst the reports of destruction, pain and loss, there were Facebook posts like this one from Malaka Mohammed, a young woman from the same Gazan neighborhood who is studying international law in the UK: "Watching Al-Jazeera and my friends and relatives among the casualties. And still strong. I have not seen my family as strong as today. We will never give up till we get our freedom." ...

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Video of Israeli sniper killing wounded civilian (International Solidarity Movement) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 -Yesterday, international and Palestinian volunteers accompanied Civil Defence and other rescue crews, as well as family members, into Shajiya neighbourhood in Gaza. They attempted to locate survivors of overnight and ongoing shelling by the Israeli army. A young Palestinian man in a green shirt hoped to find his family. He was shot by an Israeli soldier while crossing an alley between buildings. Two additional rounds struck him as he lay injured on the ground. His dead body could not be retrieved....

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Israelís Gaza massacre boosts boycott calls in South Africa (Asa Winstanley) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - With the horrors of Israelís massacre currently bearing down on Gaza, it is hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, at least 522 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians, have been slaughtered by Israel so far, including 129 children. But as happened after Israelís 2008-09 "Cast Lead" massacre of more than 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza, there are early signs of a global intensification of calls for the boycott of Israel. In Palestine, the BDS National Committee is seizing the moment to focus on a new call for an arms embargo. The BNC is the largest coalition of Palestinian civil society groups, and coordinates joint actions for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel...

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Israelís Iron Dome doesnít cover Bedouins (Rania Khalek) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - The Naqab (Negev) desert in the south of present-day Israel is home to 200,000 indigenous Palestinian citizens of Israel, known as Bedouins, most of whom are completely defenseless against falling rockets because the Israeli government refuses to protect their villages and denies them the right to build bomb shelters. One of two Israeli civilians killed since Israel began its relentless bombing campaign in Gaza was 32-year-old Auda al-Wadj. He died when a rocket fired from Gaza struck his home in Qasr al-Ser, a Bedouin village near Dimona that lacks sirens, bomb shelters and cover from Israelís Iron Dome missile defense system because, according to Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich, the Iron Dome "does not protect agricultural areas." ...

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Diaries: Live from Palestine Israel wants us to die, but we will remain (Rami Almeghari) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - "Israel contends that the civilians of Gaza expose themselves to harm, therefore, they should leave areas where Israeli army troops operate."
That was one of the things I told listeners during a telephone interview with the US Emoprog Army Radio Hour. I did the interview only a few hours after my four children, my chronically ill wife, my elderly mother and I were forced out of my home in the Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip. We are now among the more than 100,000 Palestinians forced to flee their homes as Israelís horrifying bombardment of Gaza continues. We are lucky to find shelter with relatives about three kilometers away. We are now 31 people all crowded into a single home...

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Israel uses illegal weapons in Gaza (Middle East Monitor) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - Israeli occupation forces are using lethal and internationally banned weapons in their aggressive war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, experts and witnesses said this morning.Israeli warplanes fired white phosphorus munition in the eastern Gaza Strip. White phosphorus burns fiercely and can set cloth, fuel, ammunition and other materials on fire, and cause serious burns or death. It was heavily used by Israel during its savage war on Gaza in 2008/2009, and caused many severe casualties. Meanwhile, witnesses said that the Israeli occupation used flechette bombs on Saturday in the Shujaya neighbourhood causing the death of 100 civilians in the bloodiest day Gaza has witnessed so far...

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Muslim Scholars condemn deportation of Christians from Mosul (Middle East Monitor) - 30-jul-2014

July 21, 2014 - The Muslim Scholars Association in Iraq condemned the deportation of Christian families from Mosul by the Islamic State (ISIS) this week, saying it amounts to an assault on innocent people. The militant group "gave Christians an ultimatum to leave Mosul by Saturday, thus leaving the city without Christians for the first time in Islamic history," the MSA said. The Muslim scholars denounced this move as "an act of injustice against innocent people, and a deviation from the path recommended by the prophet of Islam and Muslim scholars regarding the treatment of non-Muslims. "No entity has the right to take such measures." ..

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Syria News - July 20 , 2014 (Local Coordinating Committees of Syria) - 30-jul-2014

July 20 , 2014 - By the end of Sunday, the coordination committees were able to document 96 martyrs, including 4 women, 9 child and 2 martyrs under torture: 40 martyrs were reported in Aleppo; 19 in Damascus and its Suburbs; 14 in Daraa; 12 in Hama; 8 in Idlib; 1 in Homs; 1 in Deir al-Zour, e un martire in Alllazqah...

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Worst and Bloodiest Day Since the Beginning of the Offensive (The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 - Israeli occupation forces have continued their brutal and immoral offensive on the Gaza Strip for the 13th consecutive day, and have continued the policy of collective punishment in disregard for the international law and humanitarian law, which ensure protection for civilians in times of war, and in violation of the principles of necessity, proportionality and distinction. Israeli forces have continued their aerial, ground and sea attacks throughout the Gaza Strip, causing more civilian casualties and damaging civilian facilities, including houses. Since last night, Israeli forces have launched unprecedented attacks on al-Shuja'iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City. The neighborhood has been subjected to intensive aerial and ground shelling. Dozens of Palestinian civilians have been killed or wounded, and medical crews and the ICRC have not been able to attend them. Women were seen taking their children out to flee from the area, and some of them were killed...

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There is no evidence that Saint Ephraimís Cathedral in Mosul has been burned (Sam Hardy) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 - So far, there is only propaganda Ė but there is a lot of it, which is already exploiting three years of real suffering across three countries. It is exploiting peopleís concern in order to spread fear and drive ethnic cleansing. Some unfortunates, who are concerned for the endangered communities in Mosul, have shared the first then the second piece of propaganda. Iraqi Canadian civil engineer Rabea Allos supposedly demonstrated his claim that 'ISIL [had] burned down the Syriac Catholic Archdiocese of Mosul, Iraqí, by sharing a photograph of a burning church. drzaidg confronted him: 'liar. Thatís Egypt...

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Human Rights in Iraq - Terrorism or State Terror? (Geneva International Centre for Justice (GICJ)) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 -...Malikiís sectarian policies and the prolonged psychological build-up has led to the current crisis; not ISIS. It is a shame that the international media has failed to mention, or has seemed to have forgotten, about Malikiís indiscriminate shooting, shelling and bombing of innocent civilians in cities which he claims harbours "terrorists"; most of which are pursued on sectarian-inspired lines. Under his watch, Maliki is well-known towards labelling and targeting all his political opponents as "terrorists". Most of the bombed and shelled cities such as Fallujah, Ramadi and Al-Anbar, have indeed housed famous political opponents of Malikiís brutal regime.
Since December 2012, the peaceful protests by Iraqi civilians seeking political reform and the appointment of a "unity" government were constantly responded with violent crackdowns that have resulted in the deaths of approximately 400 innocent civilians (the total deaths during the war and occupation amounted to more than a million civilians; the crisis in June alone has led to the deaths of 2,500 civilians; whereas hundreds of thousands of Iraqis remain displaced). The current offensives we are witnessing remains one of the last few options of Iraqis seeking to further their plight towards ending the injustices and impunity under Malikiís sectarian regime....

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Palestine, the occupation and the resistance for beginners (Jamal Khashogji) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 -In March 1955, an Israeli army unit attacked a camp belonging to the Egyptian army inside the Gaza Strip, which was entrusted to Egypt after the 1948 war. The Israelis killed 36 Egyptian soldiers in cold blood and wounded 28 others. One of the perpetrators was the infamous Ariel Sharon, the late Israeli prime minister, who said that the purpose of the operation was "to kill all the soldiers, destroy all the weapons that were available inside the camp and destroy its entire installations." According to a once-secret Israel report made public a few years ago, it was a punitive objective, not military, "to deliver a message to the Egyptian leadership under Gamal Abdel Nasser that any new commando operation [by Egypt] will have bloody consequences."...

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Weapons to Israel and the upholding of false narratives (Ramona Wadi) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 -The settler-colonial state's imperialist allies have exhausted all perfunctory rhetoric of alleged concern in their futile attempt to ward off outrage at the obscene support for Israel's ongoing massacre of Palestinians in Gaza. Ensuring no doubt remains regarding the maintenance of such depravity, Operation Protective Edge has also been marked by increased military and defence aid to Israel. The deals, however, were shrouded in rhetoric that attempted to justify murder in retaliation for rockets fired into Israel by Palestinian resistance factions. Israel, on the other hand, expressed the usual gratitude by emphasising "difficult conditions" wrought precisely by their annihilation ambitions in Gaza....

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Civilians Fleeing Gaza City Neighborhood After Israeli Strike Say They Have Nowhere To Go (Sophia Jones) - 30-jul-2014

July 20, 2014 -Just after sunrise on Sunday, Zeinab, a young Palestinian mother, ran out of her house in Gaza City's Shijaiyah neighborhood with her husband and barefoot 5-year-old daughter. With the sound of Israeli drones overhead and air strikes and tank shelling all around, Zeinab watched as her neighbors poured into the streets and began to run. So she did the same."We were running, and [the Israeli Army] was attacking behind us," she said, sitting within the safety of al-Shifa Hospitalís compound in central Gaza City, over three miles away from Shijaiyah. "There were dead people around us." Frantic families, many shellshocked and inconsolable, stood around Zeinab, not knowing where to go or what to do next...

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